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“]The Energy Farm was founded a few decades ago. As herbs good for one’s health are grown in the farm and the farm itself is located in a naturally good place, by the Navesti River – these two combined make up a good amount of energy. Hence the name of the farm – Energy Farm. All things necessary for getting energy – sun, air, water – these are all represented here in the Energy Farm. The herbs grown on the farm – for example peppermint, wild thyme, valerian, dandelions, etc. – are all grown organically, it means without fertilisers and herbicides. As the old Estonians used to do. The fact that roe deer and rabbits love to come and eat them on the field is proof of their purity. In addition to herbs that are grown, dried and packed for the shops and pharmacies right here on the spot, the farm also offers accommodation services. Also, a tea house was completed in 2010 – this is suitable for holding seminars, relaxing and in summertime also for having meals. And naturally, herb presentations are held there – first on the field and then in the tea house – and later on herbs are made into lovely tea. The chairs and tables in the tea house are, by the way, all made of aspen. Aspen draws everything negative into itself. A 13-metre viewing tower was built by the river last year. This is the place to get a good overview of the lands of the Energy Farm. What do we have to offer?

  • experiencing herbs
  • walking trails
  • energy trail
  • stress trail
  • relaxing trail
  • herbs
  • dunes of the Navesti dell (forest flora)
  • Hüpassaare boardwalk, Soomaa national park
  • accommodation
  • tea house and watchtower
  • eco-Spa

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