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Energy Cottage teahouse and watchtowerEnergy Cottage teahouse and watchtowerEnergy Cottage teahouse and watchtower

A tea house was completed in 2010 – this is suitable for holding seminars, relaxing and in summertime also for having meals. And naturally, herb presentations are held there – first on the field and then in the tea house – and later on herbs are made into lovely tea. The chairs and tables in the tea house are, by the way, all made of aspen. Aspen draws everything negative into itself. A 13-metre viewing tower was built by the river last year. This is the place to get a good overview of the lands of the Energy Farm.

A modern teahouse with a watchtower was opened in the early summer of 2010, including a boat harbour with a place for swimming and a natural whirlpool bath. The teahouse and watchtower turned out so grand that they were awarded the title ” Wooden Building of 2010″.

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