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Sauna rituals with herbs


Sauna rituals are a real treat for the body and soul that take your mind off of your everyday problems. Sauna master guarantee a pleasant atmosphere during the sauna ritual, making it an exclusive and memorable experience!
Guided walk in the Nature(herbal field), guided Sauna experience, body scrubs and footbaths, , whisking.
The whisking creates an overall conscious and therapeutical touch, which enables the healing from within to begin.
It opens the energy flow as well as physically cleans and massages the body.
The healing power of different tree species and the steam called löyly, gently relaxes and balances the mind, the body and the soul.
Herbal tea
Foot baths with warm water + magnesium salt + medicinal herbs ;
• First body heating, warmth, aromas, body relaxation.
• The ritual of the first sweating and the complete cleansing of the body with salt and herbs;
• Aromatherapy (inhalation through herbs using mild steam);
• Steam
• Compression heating of joints with herbs;
• wisking

Relaxation in a steam room after a bath.
• Warm bath “Jacuzzi”;

Herbal tea
Duration: 2 hours

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